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`A Hundred Thousand Welcomes`


The Fitzpatrick Family of New Orleans, Louisiana

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Dedicated to Peter and Mary Fitzpatrick of Ireland and then New Orleans, Louisiana. 

1826 and continuing

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This Web Site represents the genealogical lineage of our heritage: 

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Mac Giolla Phaddraig

(The son of the servant of Patrick)

Fortis Sub Forte Fatiscet

The brave yield only to the brave.

Unlike all other surnames with the prefix "Fitz", Fitzpatrick is the only name of strictly Gaelic origin. When the Normans conquered England in 1066, they eventually migrated to Ireland. Hence, the prefix "Fitz" is a corruption of the French word "fils", meaning son. In time, "Fitz" came to mean "bastard son", as the Normans were regarded with great disdain by the local Gaels. A noteworthy "Fitz" name of true Norman origin is "Fitzroy" which derives from the French "fils de roi", meaning bastard son of the king. As the "Fitz" names were translated into Gaelic, they maintained their somewhat scornful connotation, and therefore, "Fitzpatrick" was translated as "Mac Giolla Phadraig", the son of the servant of Patrick, and not merely "Mac Phadraig", the son of Patrick. Common variants of the anglicized version include: MacGilpatrick, MacIlpatrick, Kilpatrick, and Kirkpatrick.

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As the family continues to grow and we continue to discover new information, this site will be under construction.  Please check back frequently for new information.

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Information has been compiled over the past 20 years from the following sources:    (1) census, (2) city directories, (3) churches records (4) Cemeteries, (5) Family History Library, Salt Lake City Utah, (6) the New Orleans Public Library, and (7) the Dallas Public Library.

Special thanks to Catherine Fitzpatrick Johnson, Dr. Stanley Fitzpatrick, Thomas Michael Fitzpatrick Sr., Thomas Steven Fitzpatrick, Sr., and Walter Fitzpatrick, Sr., Mackie Heinrich and the many other friends and relatives who have made this Web Site Possible through generously sharing their memories with us.

Lineage information compiled by Dr.Colleen Fitzpatrick,  CFITZP@aol.com   and Merle Ann Fitzpatrick Farrington MFARRINGTON@CFL.RR.COM 

The web site is designed and maintained by Patrick Michael Fitzpatrick Fitzpat@charter.net. I take absolutely no credit for the tremendous amount of research done by Cousins Merle and Colleen.  I'm just the guy that puts it on the web.  They are our true genealogists without whose efforts this site would not exist.

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If you have any problems with the operation of this site, please contact Mike Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick@knology.net  .

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